The future doesn’t invent itself. It’s forged by innovators.

Meet Toyota AI Ventures

Based in Silicon Valley, Toyota AI Ventures is a venture capital subsidiary of the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). We invest in entrepreneurs from around the world who share TRI’s commitment to improving the quality of human life through artificial intelligence, with a focus on autonomous mobility, robotics, data and cloud.

Meet Our Portfolio

Joby Aviation logo

Joby Aviation is an electric mobility company that is building a fully-electric vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft optimized to deliver air-transportation-as-a-service. The company’s 5-seat aircraft is designed to fly at least 150 miles on a charge, to be faster than existing rotorcraft, and to be significantly quieter than conventional aircraft.

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Intuition Robotics logo

Intuition Robotics develops social companion technologies to positively impact the lives of millions of older adults by connecting them seamlessly with family and friends, making technology accessible and intuitive, and proactively promoting an active lifestyle. Their first product is Elli•Q, the Active Aging Companion.

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Connected Signals logo

Connected Signals is a connected vehicle data analytics company that provides predictive, real-time, traffic signal information using existing infrastructure. This data, derived using sophisticated proprietary models, supports applications that improve safety, increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve traffic flow.

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Slamcore logo

SLAMcore develops visual tracking and mapping algorithms, more commonly referred to as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), for AR/VR systems, mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles. SLAMcore’s solutions help fuse information from multiple sensors into a single version of the truth.

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Realtime Robotics logo

Realtime Robotics develops a proprietary special-purpose processor that allows robotic systems to instantly react to their environments, and compute how and where to move as their situation is changing.

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Nauto Logo

Nauto combines leading edge vehicle hardware with an artificial intelligence platform to make any car a smart car, alerting professional drivers to potential hazards outside the vehicle or distraction inside and offering fleet managers insight and feedback to help drivers improve.

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Who We Are

Leveraging the technical expertise and resources of TRI and the extended Toyota family, our mission is to help early-stage startups bring disruptive innovations and business models to market quickly by offering funding, validation, mentorship, and incubation facilities. The entrepreneurs who partner with us receive much more than money. We believe their success is our success. It is our mission to support them every step of the journey by providing access to a world-class team and a network with global reach, while giving founders the freedom and flexibility they need to experiment and grow their businesses.

Work With Us

  • Mission-driven

  • Founder-friendly

  • Toyota Expertise

  • Global Reach

We look for innovators who have the courage and tenacity to tackle important challenges we have yet to solve. It’s the same spirit of innovation that inspired Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda and his team to devote themselves to transforming Toyota from a loom maker to an automotive manufacturer in the 1930’s. And it is this same vision that continues to drive Toyota today.